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Shopping in Rajasthan is a delightful experience. The land is traditionally rich in making handicrafts and handlooms. The tradition of art and crafts is Rajasthan actually developed and flourished under the direct patronage of the royalties. Different regions of the state specialize in different kinds of handicrafts, which would lead you to shopping spree in Rajasthan.

Since precious and semi precious stone are available in abundance in Rajasthan, the local artisans craft out exquisite jewellery from them. Textiles and leather are also favourite medium of handicrafts with the Rajasthani craftsmen. The most

striking phenomenon with the Rajasthani crafts is the glow of vibrant colors. The artisans also fashion amazing objects d'art out of clay. Rajasthani painting also carves a special niche in Indian art, which displays a lyrical quality through enchanting combination of tender lines and bright colors.

Tie-and-Dye and block Printed Textiles Leather Jutis and other Craft
Jaipuri Razai Woodworks
Jewellery Paintings
Gems and Stones Blue Pottery
There are various options for shopping in Rajasthan. Government Emporia and Private shops are available in galore throughout the state. Local bazaars would charm you with the variety and colors and lively environment.
You can also head for the artisans' villages like Sanganer, Bagru where you can watch the craftsmen busy in creating artifacts and can buy directly from them.

Enjoy shopping in Rajasthan !!